My Skills

  • Front-end Development 90%

  • Back-end Development 85%

  • Javascript/Jquery/AJAX 85%

  • HTML5/CSS3 80%

  • Illustration 70%

  • WEB DESIGN 60%

Description of my skills

Skilled in the use of HTML, CSS and javascript/jquery as well as rich media like Flash. I am also knowledgeable in the use of CSS3 and HTML5. Furthermore, I can use PHP and SQL and have understanding of programming development concepts like OOP and work methods like SCRUM.

Additionally, I have knowledge in areas such as illustration, design and even hand-drawn animation. I am also educated in game design, and have previously programmed minor games in Actionscript for flash as well as in Javascript.

"Christian is a very talented, and hard-working young artist. He works with great focus, is very engaging, and friendly with others. I highly recommend him without reservation."
Don Shields - instructor, Mission College

In case you are interested, I'm available for freelance work My vCard